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Who We Are

Video PO Box LLC is a software research development company founded by Madison Lowery and Arieus Lowery.  The phone application ShareFare, created by Video PO Box LLC, is a new revolutionary way to purchase tickets.  ShareFare will also provide Surveillance Technology though Mobile Operation System. Video PO Box LLC was formed because the founders saw the potential market for new pay for fare operational system within the transportation industry and a better security/information system for commuters.

Video PO Box LLC is  located in the metropolitan city of Los Angeles.


Our Beliefs

Video PO Box LLC believes further use of technology can help better deploy transit vehicles, assist in managing congestion, enhance transit system performance, increase the safety of ridership and provide a better overall commuter experience. Video PO Box LLC is committed to bringing new technologies and services to our consumers at an affordable cost.  


Our Mission

To provide clients and commuters the highest level of customer service and best in class software applications to improve the quality of public transportations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the nation in ticket-less transportation purchases.  Our foundation is built upon speed, accuracy, and public safety.


ShareFare Product Overview

Video PO Box LLC’s ShareFare product provides commuters with real-time scheduling data, real-time video streaming of boarding and departure areas, and access to a geographical surveillance cameras.  In addition, it provides voice control functionality for the physically challenged, and visually impaired; by enabling the disabled person to access GPS tracking information communicated verbally.

SareFare puts the power of surveillance, scheduling data and purchasing of transit fares in the hands of the commuter.  ShareFare provides innovative, cost-effective green technology for the transit industry, and reduces the need for paper transactions.