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Transit Agency Benefits

Self-serve ticketing reduces cost of Sales.

• Simplistic and quick integration with existing transit authority infrastructure.

• Cost saving solution by reducing dependence on smartcards and paper ticketing mediums.

• Revenue sharing opportunity via direct target marketing campaigns to end users.

• Environmentally friendly by “Going Green”

• Real-Time updates of transit activity provided through agency web portal


ShareFare Mobile Ticket Features

• Capitalizes on NFC Infrastructure

• Incorporates 2D Barcodes

• Visible Mobile Ticket display

• Combustible integration design such as transit agency logo

• Available on multiple Smatphone platforms. (IOS, Android, Windows)

• Exclusive ticket purchase/transfer feature.


End User Benefits

• Purchase tickets via smart phone or website at leisure.

• Cashless Transaction

• Time saving solution by avoiding delays waiting in long lines

• Purchase and send a mobile ticket to anyone with the app.