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About Video Box LLc:

About Video Box LLc: Video P.O. Box makes it safe and easy to commute from various transit modes.

Video P.O. Box Provides a single ticketing platform to allow passengers to transition between various transportation agencies, individually or in a single planned trip, while providing real time video streaming of transportation vehicles stops and stations. Wide View Ticketing surveillance technology will serve as a gate way to measure linked trips enabling further insight into the public transportation ridership habits  and trends for public transportation planning. No other system offers  this product combination functionality to purchase tickets from various transportation agencies while streaming transportation vehicles stops and stations.



Transit Benefits:
  • Provides statistical data for linked trips
  • Sending and receiving tickets
  • Recruiting lost revenue
  • Increased sense of safety and security

Self-serve ticketing reduces cost of Sales.

Simplistic and quick integration with existing transit authority infrastructure.

Cost saving solution by reducing dependence on smartcards and paper ticketing mediums.

Revenue sharing opportunity via direct target marketing campaigns to end users.

Environmentally friendly by “Going Green”

Real-Time updates of transit activity provided through agency web portal

Commuter Benefits:
  • Universal Pass
  • Real time video streaming
  • Send and receive tickets
  • Enhance security information system
  • Audio and video transmission to 911 and 311
  • Disabled accessibility




Products and services

• Wide-View  Surveillance

Will provide live video streaming of transit boarding and departure areas, as well as inside the means of transit  (i.e.. bus or train).

• Wide-View Ticketing

Will provide GPS information, including available spoken audio confirmation of schedules and real-time arrival information.

• Wide-View Send/Receive

Wide-View ticketing Provides commuters the ability to send and receive purchased tickets from one customer to another.

• Wide-View Voice Recognition

Will provide voice recognition functionality for persons physically challenged or visually impaired; by enabling them to access GPS

tracking information.

  • Wide-View 911/311
  • Audio and video transmission to 911 (emergency)
  • Multiple Video Streams running simultaneously
  • Audio and video transmission to 311 (non Emergency)
  • Video storage capability to record streams for retrieval and review
  • real time Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capabilities, with Rewind and fast forward features
  • Stealth Mode (silent Reporting)

Video PO Box LLC’s The Phone application product provides commuters with real-time scheduling data, real-time video streaming of boarding and departure areas, and access to a geographical surveillance cameras.  In addition, it provides voice control functionality for the physically challenged, and visually impaired; by enabling the disabled person to access GPS tracking information communicated verbally. The application puts the power of surveillance, scheduling data and purchasing of transit fares in the hands of the commuter  and,  provides innovative, cost-effective green technology for the transit industry, and reduces the need for paper transactions.


To provide clients and commuters the highest level of customer service and best in class software applications to improve the quality of public transportations.

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